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Commissioning and after-sales service

"Construction site, technical assistance and after-sales service"

Construction site :

Imeca's experience has enabled these teams to conduct significant design and implementation projects such as complete fruit processing plants or the integration of filtration units in oil environments. Imeca can deploy on site with its teams or coordinated teams.

Assistance and commissioning:

Imeca Process has a Technical Assistance Service department for the maintenance and repair of the range of materials and equipment it manufactures. This service provides start-up, training of personnel in the system, assistance with operation and maintenance. For installations located abroad, we also ensure the supply of spare parts, repairs and maintenance on site. Preliminary audits via connection to remote controllers can be carried out according to authorizations and customer connections.


With a significant pilot fleet, Imeca can deploy its technical teams for the conduct of a feasibility test (Put a reference on the pilot fleet) The IMECA Process team provides service, assistance and advice on more a hundred industrial units in service around the world.